• You must be at least 18 years old to be a member.
  • Each member must be polite and nice towards all others. The community is for all sexualities carachterized by consent and risk awareness. Be respectful towards all these. The following is not allowed: Drugged sex, minors or animals in sexual situations, depicting of severe bodily injures including excessive bleeding, real torture.
  • Respect what others are looking for. Ensure that noone is annoyed when you contact others. If you don’t get a reply when mailing someone, just accept it — not everyone is looking for others to exchange mails with.
  • Mind the administrators. Administrators appointed by the community or its networks have the right to set conduct rules and material restrictions in their areas according to what themselves find appropriate.
  • Do not publish any personal information. Pictures may not depict others that does not consent to the publication. Do not publish phone numbers and such on pages that are publically visible. Member names many not contain personal information, so do not use your phone number, your social security number and such as your member name.
  • Don’t infringe on copyrights. Material you add may not be under copyright by someone else than yourself.
  • Pro-dominance, selling of panties, cam shows, prostitution is not allowed. It is not allowed to use the membership for creating traffic to pay services.
  • Don’t spam. If you’re looking for a partner, use the proper contact functions.
  • Cookies: Usage of this site require that the site places and uses cookies on your computer, in order to keep track of your login and enable the functions you choose to use and other site-administratory purposes. If you don’t want to use cookies; do not visit this site, do not proceed, do not create any account and do not log in. You can clear your cookies via your browser settings.
  • Basic community rules: You are only allowed one membership per person, do not post racism / homophobia, do not counter-act the upholding of the site. You may not state false information about yourself. We reserve the right to deny access and membership to persons that many percieve have a non-constructive effect on our culture. Misuse of the site, attempted prostitution, non-pleasantness and such may result in withdrawn functionality, blocking or police report. This also includes VIP members.

If you discover something that is against the rules, please report it to the site administration so it can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Personal, private and collaborative spaces

Switch provides all members with a personal sphere (A), private correspondance (B), and collaborative electronic message boards (C). For these, common principles apply:

Personal sphere (A) means the contents of diary entries, pictures and picture texts, comment fields etcetra that in full are displayed in the strict vicinity to a member profile. The following applies here:

  • Each member can publish material in their own personal sphere under responsability for that it follows current legislation, does not depict somebody that has not given consent to the publication, that it does not contain personal information that belongs to somebody else, and acts upon the possibility that potentially depicted persons may withdraw their consent to publication. Published material may not express distain for the target groups of this community, hatred, racism, homophobia or other non-suitable content.
  • Material can be reflected in and referred to from overviews, event feeds and similar functions that may not located outside an individual members personal sphere.
  • Each member is responsible for not publishing anything unsuitable. If you discover something unsuitable in another members personal sphere, please report it primarily via the dedicated abuse-link that may be located in the close vicinity to the material.
  • Feedbacks on material located here is the property of the member whose personal sphere it is, whereby he/she will be free to display, include in a report, moderate or delete the feedback without warning.

Private correspondence (B) means the exchange of Switch-mail between two members. The following applies here:

  • Each member is responsible for what he/she sends and that it follows the site rules and current legislation, such that the integrity of a third part is not violated.
  • The mail contents a member sends is being copied to the recipients mail and the sent copy will be the property of the recipient.

Electronic message boards (C) means sections that are accessible by many, are dedicated to serving a common interest and where the entirety of the section is buily up by material that members have contributed with in common. Such are: Networks, discussions in networks, geographocal guides, collaborative encyclopedias etcetra. The following applies here:

  • Posts must be polite.
  • Personal data may not be posted.
  • Posted material may not express distain for the target groups of the community or contain hatred, racism or homophobia, may not break the site rules or current legislation or be inappropriate in other ways as definied by the moderator of the specific section. If you discover anything unsuitable here, report it primarily to the moderator of the specific area.
  • Posted entries, material and feedbacks will be the proprty of Mahogany Intimates and Organics Ltd, may be shown for others in connection to the area in question and may without warning be displayed, moderated, reported or deleted by Fetopia or its administrators, the owner of a network of an by him/her appointed administrator.
  • Comply with the moderators of each area. They have the right to set restrictions and decide your access rights in their respective areas as they themselves see fit.
  • Posted entries, material and feedback may be reflected in and referred to from overviews, event feeds and similar functions.

Material that is sent/published by a member may be the subject to abuse process, reporting or grading by other members. In an abuse process a copy of the reported material may be sent for review by one of Switch appointed administrator. Reports and grades may be the ground for withdrawal of functionality, denying of access to site sections or any related measure, temporarily or permanent. Assessments may be undertaken manually or for some erend types automatically pending assessment by an administrator. Some functions may require a from this under long time proved positive site prescence in order to be fullt accessable.